Catalyst Healing Arts offers lectures on healing to groups of up to 35 people at a time at any city within the United States.  Lectures are about one hour, followed by a question and answer period.  Maximum time allotted for the class is four hours.  The following lectures in the Poetry of Science series are currently being offered at the rate of $150 per student:

This lecture illuminates true power outside the definitions of the collective ego.

A Cure for Pedophilia
Innovate solutions to eliminate the “consumer demand” of human trafficking through the treatment of pedophilia within the allopathic medical establishment, inspired by research into the chemistry of consciousness.

The Root of Dysfunction in Human Relationships
A creative approach to compassionate awareness of the inability of people to relate to one another based on brain and body chemistry.

The Law of the Material Realm
“We are One” and “Separation is an Illusion” does not mean that boundaries are an illusion or unnecessary.  This lecture provides common sense safety, health, and ethics guidelines for exploring your relationship to infinite knowledge while respecting healthy boundaries of the privacy of others.  Limitations on knowledge create a subjective story within the conscious awareness, while the human body stores data that is accessed as needed for human adaptation and evolution.  This lecture illuminates how the concepts of our conditioned minds and subjective viewpoint create a barrier to relating with the objective realm of the human body and how this can pose a challenge to speaking the conceptual spoken word dialect understood by the human body.

About Scheduling:

Classes are recorded on audio and students are sent a cd of the lecture by request; copyright to class material still applies. The lectures will not ever be sold to the public. A minimum of 10 students are required to schedule a lecture. No scholarships are allowed. A special class discount is extended of $100 per student if all four lectures are bundled into a four day workshop. The recommended order of lectures is: Root of Dysfunction in Human Relationships, Cure for Pedophilia, Law of the Material Realm, and Power.

The attendees of these lectures that would find the material most applicable to their careers are researchers in biophysics, physics, psychiatry, brain science, sociology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, forensic science, or healing. The Poetry of Science series is open to people over age 21. These lectures can provide inspiration for new research into the biology of the human brain leading to breakthroughs in scientific discovery. A special welcome is extended to law enforcement officers and military personnel to attend the lecture on the Law of the Material Realm.

Custom-designed lectures are available. Please contact my office to discuss the lecture content relevant and applicable to your group to arrange a customized lecture.

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Download the flyer for the Poetry of Science lecture series through this link.

Download the black and white flyer for the Poetry of Science lecture series through this link.

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