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This is a statement solicited from one of my colleagues. She was bubbling with happiness after her treatment, so I asked her to later write it down.

“I recommend Catalyst Healing Arts because the client can count on their specific needs being met. Not only is there proper focus, but the hands, mind and intuition of the practitioner are incredibly skilled. Chelsea addresses your issues 3 dimensionally and on multiple planes. If you have pain or restriction somewhere, her knowledge and experience with the human body paired with the intuitive sense of her hands for tightness and restrictions allows her to find the true root of the issue and to effectively address it. Most people experience pain in one specific spot that they just want rubbed on which gives temporary relief. But she will find the muscle pulling on the muscle pulling on the muscle and not just rub it but use deep and superficial effective therapies for actually releasing the origin of the issue creating space and relief never experienced before. Often massage can just be staving off pain for a little longer and it seems like one would need endless massage to be pain free, but with Chelsea it actually feels like you are truly healing which is an amazing experience, it’s like going back in time, undoing things once presumed changed forever. Coming out from a massage with Chelsea fills one with hope that change is possible. I feel very grateful and happy for the focus and presence Chelsea gave during my treatments. It met my need for my being to be seen as it is, my need for inspiration, and of course for healing and relief!”

-Olivia Wycoff, LMT

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