Sanctioning Silence

July 20, 2019

Dear Catalyst readers:
I have a new project waiting to be launched. It is a website dedicated solely to fighting human trafficking. I plan to return the Catalyst Healing Arts website to its previous representation of promoting my for-profit business, and move the educational articles about human trafficking to Reporting and Fighting Human Trafficking will be an educational hub for activism, with a wider scope of approaches to fighting human trafficking than what fits within the Catalyst Healing Arts website, which is about a professional business.

I want to make it clear to my readers who have personally benefitted from my many hours of volunteer work researching and writing that no matter how passionate I am about the cause of fighting systematized sexual violence, I am unwilling to give to the point of incurring my own expense. I have a firm boundary of not working on the volunteer project of the Reporting and Fighting Human Trafficking website until I have reached my personal economic goals.

For now, here is a glimpse of what awaits in the future with the publishing of this new website.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with pedophilia, I have an enlightening fact to share: people with pedophilia have intense victim shame and perpetrator pride—they would not admit upon pain of death that they were ever a victim of anything. I have no fear of a civil lawsuit filed upon my business by REBBL, the company that manufactures hippie drinks, for announcing to the world that every person who has ever drank any of their beverages has been trafficked by their company. They won’t file a civil lawsuit because they don’t want to admit to being victimized. They don’t want to draw attention to the fact that all the people who perpetrate human trafficking are also surviving human trafficking, because the victims’ co-workers can’t keep their hands off of them. People with pedophilia are turned on by abuse of trust perpetrated by those closest to the victim. The heart-wrenching betrayal of your closest loved ones offering you to be raped, the sneakiness, and the complete lack of safety within any team appeals to pedophiles. Pedophiles are all about infiltrating any safe space and making it unsafe. Dismissing the illusion of safety allows the opportunity to work towards creating real safety.

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