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July 27, 2019

Dear Downtown Library,

I am a patron who cares very much about the role of social responsibility the public library has in our community. I noticed that the hummingbird grove has recently changed with red food coloring added to the hummingbird food. It is common knowledge that red food coloring is toxic to hummingbirds. The Tucson Audubon Society hands out pamphlets telling people not to put food coloring in the hummingbird feeders.

What will come as a huge shock to your staff is that the hummingbird grove at the downtown library has been used to advertise human trafficking. Traffickers advertise in code such as making a public demonstration of sanctioning poisoning of cute little critters. There are several non-profit organizations posing as a front for human trafficking rings, giving a tax shelter for pedophile donors to participate in organized crime. The second connection between the hummingbird grove and human trafficking rings is the sugar. White sugar is used to make homemade GHB (a date rape drug) and buying pounds and pounds of white sugar may arouse suspicion, so it is covered up by non-profit organizations allotting it as necessary for making hummingbird food. If the public library decided to completely stop buying white sugar and use a different kind of sugar instead, like brown sugar, the library employees who vehemently objected to this would be exposed as the traffickers.

Splendid Hummingbird Food Recipe

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