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Letter to the American Psychological Association

Letter to the American Psychiatric Association

Catalyst Healing Arts is seeking a government contract to provide guidance on the design of facilities for the treatment of pedophilia. A low-cost solution for eliminating the “consumer demand” of commercialized child abuse has been offered to Congress for their consideration: treatment centers which generate their own profits.

These treatment facilities would not be a replacement for prison sentences, but a supplement and auxiliary to prevent violent sex offenders from returning to the streets without receiving medical care. If designed correctly, these facilities would have a wait list for all the pedophiles that want to get in; anyone who has not committed a sex crime would be able to enroll for no cost. The facilities would include permanent residence the same as prisons, but different in that they would be hard on the outside with electric fences and armed security guards, and soft on the inside with art on the walls, tea, and couches. Reversible chemical castration and anti-depressant medications designed for treating pedophilia are required for all patients; the talk therapy, movement classes, and extra-curricular activities are all optional for patients to participate in.

The reason why these treatment centers would be in high demand is the top notch care the patients receive; the treatment is designed to re-habilitate people sick with pedophilia on the physical, mental, and emotional levels of their beings with a combination of allopathic medicine and counseling provided by psychiatrists and psychologists, art classes, movement classes, high quality food, and an environment that promotes safety and healing in every way. Support groups would be a requirement for patients to receive emotional support in a group atmosphere.

These treatment centers provide an option for the priests, pastors, and rabbis that are protected by their churches from law enforcement after committing sex crimes, as well as police officers themselves who may escape prison time due to standing policies. No one will ever be assaulted or molested in these treatment centers, because they will be designed for total safety. All staff employed at these treatment facilities will undergo a rigorous screening and have a Bachelor’s Degree in compassion. Ministers from every faith are welcome to visit and provide optional spiritual guidance to the patients.

Healing is not the same as curing; curing is made possible through drugs or surgery, healing must come from the inside. The treatment centers will create an environment that facilitates healing if the patients want that for themselves, and requires curing for the mental illness that drives them to commit acts of sexual violence towards children or adults. Medical treatment is a privilege.

Patients are required to pay room and board, to pay for their food and medication; patients who are unable to afford these costs are required to work additional hours. All patients are required to work a minimum of 20 hours a week without compensation to contribute to the profits of the treatment centers; this work is contracted out such as customer service over the phone for companies like Netflix. Once the patient is released from care, the agreement is they will have a guaranteed job lined up for them with the company they worked for during their treatment time.

It is best if the treatment centers are not privatized.

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