Combating Human Trafficking

Catalyst Healing Arts is working to combat human trafficking by providing lectures and business consultations to support the medical establishment and law enforcement to address the “consumer demand” of commercialized child abuse.  Although cash is exchanged for the opportunity to torture a human being and impact their feelings of physical and emotional safety for their future consensual sexual encounters, it is nothing less than domestic terrorism to the people surviving being kidnapped, assaulted, and enslaved for the profit of their captor.  The words “sex trafficking” are not accurate, as well as an oxymoron; sex is consensual, and humans that are trafficked are victims of kidnapping.

Adolescents between ages 11-14 years old who have survived human trafficking and sexual assaults by politicians who have participated as “customers” (child rapists) benefit from crime victim rights to privacy over what they have survived being respected.  Many adolescents and adults hesitate to file police reports as a result of threats and intimidation that no one will believe they said no or that they will lose the privacy of their personal lives.  No matter what took place, an adult having intercourse with anyone under the age of consent is statutory rape, this is the law.  When a police report is filed for a personal bias crime, the victim has the right to choose whether or not any of that information is released to the press.  Although it has happened once in this country that an assault by a high profile person was publicized without the consent of the victim, it was before she had an opportunity to file a police report and check the option for no press release.

The newspapers will not publish any stories about personal bias crimes that have been filed as police reports without the consent of the victim, not even anonymously.

If you are a person who has survived human trafficking in which you were assaulted by famous people and you are considering filing a police report but you’re scared about what happened to you going into the newspapers or t.v., (which will not happen but you might feel like you need some reassurance) here are some options:

1.       Contact the Portland Police Bureau (or your local police department) and submit an anonymous crime tip

2.       Go visit the website of each major television news station and find the “contact us” information.  There is always an email, phone number, or contact form for viewer feedback.  Without identifying yourself, let them know exactly how you feel about your fears of your personal information as a crime victim being publicized without your consent; if that is what is holding you back from filing a police report, tell them so.

3.       All the major newspapers have an anonymous news tips section which can be located online, some of them require a cell phone to download the app that encrypts your information and keeps you anonymous.  The Oregonian has an anonymous news tip form on their website, and if you are scared that your information could be published without your consent, let them know anonymously that this is an issue for you as a survivor of human trafficking.  They care.

4.      After you file your police report, if you choose to share your story with a newspaper but fear a lawsuit being filed against you for defamation, the Oregon anti-SLAPP law provides for a dismissal of meritless lawsuits filed for the purpose of intimidating victims.  There are also laws against harassment.





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